People you can trust

Our mission is clear and simple: we want to give value to our passengers, workers and shareholders. For what it concerns passengers, our purpose is to offer the maximum quality based on their needs; For what it concerns workers, our purpose is to let them improve their social and professional skills; For what it concerns shareholders, our purpose is to optimize the Company profits.

The Company has a double level structure. The first structure is related to General Services (Administration, Management Control, Information Systems, Staff, Quality and Purchase Plan); the second structure is the operative structure which starts from the technical area and ends on board. These structures work utilizing the most advanced logical organizations, entrusting the management to experts coordinated by Technical Direction. This system guarantees a high service quality, which is achieved by optimizing the approach flexibility with the customer.

The main things never appear in a balance sheet of a company: its reputation and its men

Henry Ford


Human resources are the main asset of the Company: they begin to work afterwards a process of selection, by learning on the field until they’re ready to be operative in every task. There’s a big exchange with the most important Universities of the Country and this lets the Company to update the know-how. For every circumstance there’s the correct mix of knowledge which is able to satisfy the Customer needs.

Satisfying the Customer needs means also owning the most advanced technologies of hardware and software systems. The Company was able, through the years, to consolidate a huge holdings of resources.

No one can whistle a symphony. You need a whole orchestra to play it

HE Luccock

To guarantee that the behavior of the ones which work in the interest of the Company with regard to the regulations, Alilauro defined and adopted an Organization, Managament and Control Model in line with the D.Lgs 231/01 and basing on the main guide lines of Confindustria, definying an Ethic Code and establishing a Security System.

With the purpose to improve its skills, the Company agreed with the Research and Development task by taking part in many partnerships made by Companies, Universities and Research Centres. In these contexts, the Company develops activities which are able to modernize its products and services.