An everlasting sea history

Alilauro is a company operating in the field of ship transport. Founded by Agostino Lauro in 1944, the Company has been consolidating and improving its competences for 73 years, growing up day by day and becoming leader for what it concerns the Italian field of ship transport background.

We care about maritime links and we focus on the following areas: Planning; Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Environment; Tourism; Communication.

The best projects are the successful ones

Agostino Lauro


It was 1944 when Agostino Lauro, boarding on “La Freccia del Golfo”, an old tight 42 meters ship, decided to challenge the sea on the touristic route Ischia-Capri. Even though the engines and the hull were in bad conditions (forcing the ship to slow down frequently during the navigation),

Don Agostino kept it up, telling jokes to the passengers to distract or by showing them the wonderful landscapes of the gulf. It was thanks to its courage and tenacity that we made the history.

The sea is our land

Salvatore Lauro

As soon as years went by with an improvement of the Italian economy, Lauro’s family decided to bet on the project started with the experience of “La Freccia del Golfo”. Don Agostino, man of great wisdom and talent, understood that the times were changing and that it was time to reduce the times of transports.

In 1968 Don Agostino bought the first three hydrofoils and it began the history of speed boats in the gulf of Naples, but he understood that he was not talented for that kind of transport: it was his 19 years old son, Salvatore Lauro, which arranged the first hydrofoils, the “ships with wings”.

Membership, Tenacity, Passion. Tomorrow is today

Maria Celeste Lauro


Salvatore Lauro, with his infinite sea and ships passion, is actually the president of Lauro group, composed by many societies, companies and consortiums involved in speed maritime transport and tourism. Membership, passion and tenacity made the family company a big holding (capable of transporting 5 thousands of passenger each year) with more than 800 workers. Salvatore Lauro has always been Senator of the Italian Republic for 2 legislatures, signing many legislative proposals. He won the tender notice for the privatization of Naples “Stazione Marittima, which became one of the most important Mediterranean cruise terminal. S.P.A. is actually the group corporate which included many companies involved in many fields: communication, transport, innovation and tourism with the main interest to promote all the activities and the services of receptive division. Salvatore Lauro’s strong points are the group strength and the quality of the services. “We look for the quality of the service, the quality as a function of quantity- We believe that the ones who choose to travel with us have to enjoy it comfortably”- 2012- The History goes on: now it’s time for the new generation.